Ophiuchus The 13th Sign?

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Ophiuchus The 13th Sign?

Post by bindeweede »

It’s been a tumultuous week for anyone who feels a close affinity to their star sign.

It started when rumours began circulating that NASA had changed the zodiac signs by “discovering” a new one – named Ophiuchus. Countless articles and tweets from passionate astrology fans followed, with many declaring allegiance to their existing sign, no matter what NASA had to say about it.

The space agency has since published a blog post explaining that it hasn’t changed the star signs after all. “We study astronomy, not astrology,” the blog post says, adding that astrology is “not considered a science”. You don’t say.
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Re: Ophiuchus The 13th Sign?

Post by Matt »

Its curious that this story got so much traction in this iteration, I've heard about this 13th star sign before and the procession of the equinoxes is discussed regularly on most introductions to the zodiac.
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