Electrolysed salt water cleaning spray

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Electrolysed salt water cleaning spray

Post by chaggle »

Came across this watching day-time TV. ;)

Could be entirely legit but makes me twitch a bit. I'll see if I can find out more but will leave this here for interest.

They are quite pricy - this one's 90 quid. :shock:

https://www.lakeland.co.uk/46376/H2O-e3 ... -accordion
Your eActivator electrolyses tap water and table salt, using low-voltage electricity to change the molecular structure and create sodium hydroxide (a powerful degreaser) and hypochlorous acid (a sanitiser). Together, these cut through grease and grime, kill germs and eliminate odours – and this super-cheap, multi-purpose household cleaner is not harmful to your family or your pets.
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Re: Electrolysed salt water cleaning spray

Post by Matt »

I must confess I'm a little bemused by this. My first question looking at the design was how they kept the hypochlorous acid and the alkali sodium hydroxide separate and how you switched between using one or the other.

However, looking in greater detail at the instructions it appears that the acid and the alkali are allowed both present in the same mixture. Last time I picked up a chemistry book was in the middle of John Major's reign as PM, however I'm pretty sure these would swiftly return to the original brine solution.
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